Saturday, July 14, 2012

American Council on Science and Health Today


Hail the new GM non-browning Arctic Apple
The agricultural biotech company Okanagan Specialty Fruits is attempting to break into
the market with a novel genetically modified (GM) product.

Doctors’ advice on hormone use comes out of both sides of their mouths
A recent study appearing in the journal Menopause revealed some surprising news: Doctors
are more willing to prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for themselves or for
their partners than for their patients.

Bariatric surgery helps obese diabetics’ kidneys
A preliminary study presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic
and Bariatric Surgery, has found that bariatric surgery has a significantly beneficial
impact on diabetic kidney disease as well.

FDA Commish’s act on the Tobacco Control Act
In an op-ed for Reuters, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, commissioner of the Food and Drug
Administration, boasts about the success of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco
Control Act. The news would be quite welcome - if only it were true.

Reader Letter
Earlier this week, we took another look at public schools' slack adherence to guidelines
for physical education, both nationwide and here in New York. Dr. Judith Stern, an ACSH
scientific advisor and emerita professor of nutrition and internal medicine at the
University of California, Davis, wrote to us with the following observation. 

My Take It is clear that she is so enwrapped  with her mission that she is clueless as to the real issue, even if all that she says is true.  Here is the real isn't Bloomberg’s job to tell anyone how much they eat or what they should eat.  Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?  What is even more disturbing is that so many supposedly intelligent people in positions in responsibility don't get it at all.  I often wonder if they really are smart or is it a matter of over educated and under smart. 


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