Saturday, July 28, 2012

1.7 Million Warning Signs Page Views!

By Alan Caruba

That’s the total thus far as July comes to an end. Warning Signs began at the very end of 2007 and steadily acquired an audience of visitors, mainly from the U.S., but also from around the world. The blog now averages about 100,000 visits a month and appears to be gaining momentum.

A January 2, 2010 commentary,The Make-Believe Life of Barack Obama”, has had a strange life of its own. Misappropriated by someone who replaced my byline with the name “Eddie Sessions”, he also falsely claimed the commentary had been published in The Wall Street Journal. confirmed that I am the author in response to many inquiries. It is being widely disseminated via email.

All this is very flattering, of course, but it also a reminder of the need for a donation to the blog because, as you might imagine, it requires a lot of research and time to produce six commentaries a week. And this must be done while searching for editorial assignments which, in this economy, are either scarce or pay so little as to be a waste of effort.

As this is being written, the blog is just short of 800 “members”, faithful readers and they too are highly valued. The popularity of the blog also contributes to the popularity of my Facebook page where I post notices of each new commentary and other items I find newsworthy. A Twitter account provides daily updates as well.

What I hear most often is that Warning Signs provides a point of view and information that is not readily available on the Net though I should add that my commentaries are also widely re-posted on many leading news and opinion websites and blogs. I have been, for example, a daily contributor to the Canada Free Press for many years.

So, yes, I am delighted to report 1.7 million page views and I expect it will not be that long before we cross the line for two million.
Thank you, all!
Alan Caruba

 My Take - Some may be wondering why I have been posting Alan's work; and some may wonder why he lets me.  There are a couple of reasons.  I like posting his work because Alan is profound and has an uncanny ability to astutely portray complicated events and situations succinctly.  Furthermore his writings have a sense of timelessness about them.  Something I try to emulate.  I believe this can only be done when ones values aren’t washed back and forth by every new wind that comes our way. 
The other reason is that Alan has had a long term relationship with the pest control industry; we share the same values, and we are both staunch defenders of that industry.  We are also both strong advocates for valid science in opposition to the green movement.  As for why he gave me blanket permission to publish his work; I can only assume this is an act of kindness on Alan’s part.
I have added this next paragraph as a template to any article I publish from Alan.  I hope many will take advantage it.  RK
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