Sunday, May 27, 2012

Use Natural Resources = Advanced Society. No Use of Natural Resources = Dystopia

Posted by Rich Kozlovich
Advanced societies can only exist with the use of the natural resources the world has in abundance. Those who rail against their use have nothing to offer as an alternative. So the only conclusion we can draw from their lack of alternatives is that they don't want advanced societies anywhere. They all tout the greatness of becoming one with the biosphere. What does that mean? Being one with nature means accepting squalor, disease, filth, misery suffering and early death as normal and acceptable. I don't find that acceptable even slightly, and neither do anyone else that is sane. The problem is that society has been misled by such high levels of corruption from the media, academia and the politicians that people in general aren't aware of what is really going on. Dystopia follows the green movement and leftism in the same irrational way Sancho Panza followed the madman Don Quixote. We really do need to get that! 

I would like to thank Sandra Wirtz, Director of Research for the American Resources Policy Network  for sending this to me.  The comments below is from an e-mail from Sandra, however I added some of my own views, so I hope she finds this acceptable. 
The EPA is at it again…the agency’s latest attempt to expand its powers.   Actually, this is a perfect example of the greenies attempting to impose the Precautionary Principle.  Sandra goes on to say, “sounding the alarm on the possible impact of hypothetical mining -- in spite of the fact that no permit application or specific plans have been submitted -- the 
The EPA’s unprecedented early action is part of the agency’s effort to derail the development of one of the largest domestic deposits of key strategic mineral resources (Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver and Rhenium) - the so-called Pebble Deposit in Southwestern Alaska.  While the project has not even entered the permitting process, EPA seems ready to hit the kill switch -- preemptively vetoing the project before any application has been filed.
As  American Resources Policy Network principal Daniel McGroarty points out:
The EPA’s decision to conduct a premature watershed study on a mining project that has yet to enter the established permitting process is a dramatic expansion of the agency’s authority. When it comes to critical metals and minerals, the US is heavily dependent on foreign sources of supply. The EPA’s actions will have a chilling effect on domestic resource development, which will impact our national security, manufacturing, competiveness, and ability to innovate.
The EPA’s action underscores the timeliness of a forthcoming study by the American Resources Policy Network entitled Reviewing Risk: The American Resources Policy Network Report on Critical Metals and National Security, which will be available at in June 2012.
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