Sunday, April 22, 2012

Real Clear World Posts

By Rich Kozlovich

This list is from the web site Real Clear World.  As you go through these you will find that all persuasions are represented here, many of them I find ....well.... dumb, however, that is what this site provides. It really is necessary to read all sides of any issue if one is to understand the historicity. Everyone leaves stuff out of their commentaries. Sometimes it is due to space, or it may be to inclination; as in the inclination to paint their view in the best possible light irrespective of what is factual. As you go through those links you are interested in you will find that many of these commentaries are long and drawn out, and a bit difficult to take.  However they are at least worth scanning.  The one thing you will come away with is that the world is insane and its the lunatics who are running the asylum.  But remember.....there is no such thing as a conspiracy!

The first four links are commentaries that I think are worth exploring.  The rest have been broken down by geography  and time of publication.  Some I have eliminated because organizing this many days of links became too difficult.  In future days there will be less links organized in the same manner.  And the answer to your question is; no I haven't read them all.  I have however scanned a large number of them, especially those dealing with China.  I have linked all of these to accommodate the tastes of my readers.


Commentaries, My Picks

How Malawi Fed Its Own People - Jeffrey Sachs, New York Times
Canada's Liberals in Denial - Andrew Coyne, National Post
The Perils of Global Population Loss - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard

Far East

A Body, a Scandal and China - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
U.S. and China: Who Will Rule the Sky? - Wang Xiaoxia, Economic Observer
What the West Doesn't Get About China - Allen Carlson, The Diplomat
Dueling Nationalisms in Korea - Andrei Lankov, Korea Times
China's Identity Crisis - Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail
Secrets Anonymous Should Steal from China - Adam Segal, Foreign Policy
Korea's Jasmine Revolution - Jason Lim, Korea Times
Will Brothers Trigger a Revolt in Egypt? - Eric Trager, Foreign Affairs
A Game of Cat and Mouse in Iraq - Shakir Noori, Gulf News
Who Controls U.S. Drones in Pakistan? - Dawn
Hold Military Accountable in Afghanistan - Andrew Bacevich, WaPo
Keeping on Offense Against Terror - Brookings Institution
Negotiating with Iran: 1979 and 2012 - Elliott Abrams, Weekly Standard
Cairo's Candidate Shuffle - Jeff Martini, Foreign Affairs
Opium and the Taliban Are Forever - Vivek Katju, Outlook India

European Union
NATO and the Caspian Energy Race - Journal of Energy Security
Sarkozy Deepened France's Division - Nabila Ramdani, The National
Sarkozy a Victim of His Own Courage - Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, Telegraph
How Sarkozy Ripped Off France - Jacob Albert, The American Interest
Does David Cameron Have a Plan? - Matthew d'Ancona, Daily Telegraph
We Need Answers from Sinn Fein - Irish Independent
Spain's Hollow Victory Over Inequality - Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg
Victor Hugo on the French Ballot - Robert Zaretsky, New York Times
To Survive, Europe Must Trim Welfare State - Frederik Erixon, Bloomberg
Greek Election Could Crumble Europe - Yannis Palaiologos, New Republic
A Franco-German Vote of No Confidence - Carsten Volkery, Der Spiegel
France Must Divorce Neo-Liberalism - Serge Halimi, Le Monde Diplomatique
Why France Must Vote for Le Pen - Richard Waghorne, Daily Mail
France's War on Finance - Andreas Smith, The Independent

Latin and South America

Do Cry for Argentina - Robert Fulford, National Post
Argentina's Oil Grab Is Justified - Will Hutton, The Observer
Should Obama Be 'Neutral' over the Falkands? - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
Obama's Latin American Disconnect - Carlos Gutierrez, RealClearWorld
U.S., Canada Out of Step on Cuba - Harry Sterling, Toronto Star
Venezuela Could Be Ready to Explode - Jaime Daremblum, PJ Media
Time for U.S. to Think Big in Latin America - Nikolas Gvosdev, WPR
Argentina's Oil Raid Will End Badly - John Gapper, Financial Times

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