Saturday, December 17, 2011


Dear Readers,

This will be my last post for the remainder of 2011. Since I have a job that interferes with my life, and we are coming down to end of year, I have some busy time I need to set aside. I have also undertaken a couple of projects for the associations in which I am a member that are going to be time consuming. Please explore my older offerings, especially The Rules under the side bar called Access to a New World of Information. I think you will find one or two of the rules there that will be of some use out of the one hundred and ninety nine. Also within that side bar there is information on cancer and asthma.

I originally intended to expand this area into afflictions such as ADHD, infertility, autism and the whole host of other maladies that pesticides and chemicals are blamed for causing. I never finished that…and until now I hadn’t realized my failure. That is something I intend to fix next year by having a side bar for that issue exclusively, along with a slightly different way of presenting information. I will have daily information from The American Council on Science and Health rather than a weekly one. I also intend to have a daily update on the Endangered Species Act and DDT. Each of these will appear in my Observations From the Back Row.

As the coming year progresses I hope the format will be much more similar to my old Green Notes newsletter. The information will be organized topically under the appropriate categories. As example; in the case of environmental Issues they will be organized topically as in “Energy” with subtopics as Solar Energy, Wind Energy, etc. This will be completely biased in favor of facts, truth and clarity.

I will follow all the social issues including "Religion", "Homosexuality", "Evolution versus Intelligent Design", “Abortion”, "Marriage and Divorce", and whatever new Philosophical Flavor of the Day may come down the pike. This part will be "absolutely" biased in favor of traditional wisdom versus conventional wisdom. I have been told that doesn’t seem fair. So? Since my goal is clarity and I already know the right answer; why would I want to confuse everyone with information that undermines clarity? I know….I know …. I’m right and the rest of the world is wrong. Yes! See…we already have more clarity than we had a minute ago!

Having said all of that I will confess that I am not optimistic about the near future economically and socially. I have serious misgivings because I believe there is a feeling among the world’s leaders that they really don’t have an answer to all of this. I fear an economic collapse that will make 1929 seem childish. I fear a Balkanization of the entire world. I fear all the encompassing violence that such an event would generate. I fear massive rioting. I fear the corruption in government will only get worse. I fear that the debt load is becoming so great that governments will impose dictatorships everywhere to control society, including the world’s bastion of individual freedom, the United States. I fear that the socialists will then be in charge and will work to turn power over the most corrupt organization the world has ever known; The United Nations. I worry that if all of his should occur the lack of social structure will cause starvation and the rapid and uncontrollable spread of disease.

Seems farfetched I know, but that is exactly what is happening in many parts of Europe, much of Africa and all over the Middle East. Can the rest of the world with the same economic issues be far behind? I hope not, but I am not optimistic.

Well...that was a really stinko negative thought process, so please allow me to throw a little perfume on it. I wish both my regular readers and my occasional readers from all over the world well. This week’s top ten in readership came from the United States, Germany, Russia, France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Japan, Australia and China; and “no” I don’t know why I am being read from so far away with such different cultural and political structures; and “yes” I am surprised, but I am also very pleased to have their readership. Pretty good for a bug man…don’t you think?

For those among my readers celebrating holidays I wish you joy, happiness and family unity; and for those who are not I wish you and yours the very best.


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