Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr. Ross talks to Dr. Joe

In case you missed it, listen to ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross talk chemophobia, radiation scares, and the promotion of sound science with beloved chemistry professor and radio show host Dr. Joe Schwarcz on The Dr. Joe Show.

After you get to his site scroll down to the bottom and on the left there are six segments listed. Bypass the first segment and go to the second. Gil Ross appears on the remaining five segments. I think you will enjoy this easy discussion on the realities of chemicals and other issues, including some conversation on Dr. Oz of Oprah fame. I have long believed that he has breathed the air of green fever swamps and is a bit of a loon, but perhaps I have been too harsh. Perhaps he is merely an opportunist attempting to fill in his time slot. Check it out for yourself.

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